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SunTex Power is a top residential solar company built upon knowledge, experience, honesty, and integrity when installing solar for homeowners. We lead the industry in being the lowest cost and pride ourselves in designing your solution correctly the first time. There is no solar installation too big or too small for us to handle. Regardless of who you are or how big your business is with SunTex Power you will be treated with the highest level of respect. Check out our work and check our great solar reviews we have. Our results speak for themselves!

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SunTex Power is more than just a solar energy company. We are a brand that you can trust for yourself or even referring us to your friends and family. Our Solar advisors here with SunTex Power are trained professionals in understanding your homes energy to diagnose the best energy solution for you. What separates us from the rest of the solar energy companies is the importance we internally stress to put YOU as our top priority. When you are speaking with us you will instantly see the difference of the work, we have put in to know everything there is about going solar and the different cost-effective solutions that we can design. We are not limited by brand of solar panels, inverters or even batteries. We are here to guide you in the best direction based upon what you and your family are looking to accomplish when going Solar. So, if you want LG panels, Mission solar panels, Aptos, Solar edge inverters, Enphase microinverters, Tesla batteries, LG batteries, Enphase batteries and many more... You can get it here with SunTex Power. We are not brand oriented and the major benefit you receive is customized to fit your needs at the lowest cost instead of pushing a one size fits all solution like every other solar company offers.

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When we work together Life is better! Welcome to SunTex Power.

Here is how we do it and where you benefit. When you set an appointment with SunTex Power we will need a copy of your electric bill. Then your SunTex Power energy advisor with come out to your home and do a FREE Energy Audit on your home. This pin points where you are losing and/or causing you to consume more electricity than you should. Your Energy Advisor will then recommend the most cost effect energy solutions to make those inefficient places in your home simply efficient. Lastly, you and your energy advisor will build your energy solution together that matches with your goals

Here are some reasons why companies and residential homeowner choose us.

How Does Solar Work?

Saving money when going solar is very simple and even the process here with SunTex Power makes it easier. Trying to reduce your electric rates and bills?

First, we will need 12 months or as close to 12 months of your electricity usage for your home.

Second, we design the system to take care of 100% of your electric bill or 50% of your electricity bill costs. This just depends on your goals and how much roof space you have.

What is the Solar 1 for 1 buyback program?

When taking care of 100% of your electricity bill you will need to switch over to a 1-for-1 buyback program from a recommended power company. Why do you need to do that? This is the most important aspect to understand when going solar. You see we do not use the same amount of electricity every month from Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall months, right!? This means when designing your solar panel saving system is based upon the average of how much power you are consuming throughout the year. The months throughout the year like spring and fall you can except to produce more power from your solar panel system than you needed. Which is great, because it cuts down on the need for so many solar panels to wipe out your bill. Now where does that over produced power go? This is where the 1 for 1 buyback program comes in where the grid will then buy back that excess electricity from you for the exact same dollar amount you would have paid for if you would have otherwise bought that same amount of electricity from them. This money will then go on your electric bill in the form of a credit to be used in the months to come.

How do you save money today?

Once you have SunTex Power advisors design your system the only thing left to do is see how much money your going to be saving every month. Every year you will be saving even more than you did the year prior. Which is the +1 reason why folks choose to go solar. You save money because when you go solar you lock in a fixed monthly payment that never changes until you pay the investment off. Yes, SunTex Power has all the best finance/payment options to choose from. Versus, sticking with the power companies you are guaranteed to expect the cost of electricity to go up at a minimum of the rate of inflation. Everything cost more as time goes on. You are becoming on owner of your electricity power plant rather than renting your electricity all while the government pays for 26% of the cost right now. (As long as you qualify)


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